Kolb essay example

July 8, 2019
kolb essay example

The samples are pulled from the sample essay found on the pla website, and it is recommended that you review the sample essay for a more complete example of how to write an experiential essay in kolbs model.

This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers.

Kolb was an american educational theorist born in 1939, focusing his publications and interests on experiential learning. Learning is the process through which knowledge is created, coupled with transformation of experience to fit the current scenario.

Kolbs learning cycle is a representative process, which involves touching all learning bases through a spiral learning cycle. The cycle involves experiencing, thinking, reflecting and acting. Consequently, the results of concrete and immediate experiences would be reflections and observations.

Get your custom essay on kolbs learning theory just from 13,9page get custom paper the first stage, concrete experience (ce), is where the learner actively experiences an activity such as a lab session or field work.

  examples of kolbs learning cycle donald kolbs learning cycle consists of four stages concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation.

Kolbs cycle have had very good impact on the work of teachers and students and new learners.

Kolbs learning cycle is a key model in current use relating to adult learning and development. Knowing your own and your teams learning style allows you to grow and develop more effectively, building skills and experience which allow you to meet your life goals.

Experiential essays deal with personal experiences which have to be clearly elucidated and reflected upon. If you are assigned to write an experiential essay, here are some tips you can use.