Gladiator movie essay

July 8, 2019
gladiator movie essay

Gladiator essay the movie gladiator is a story about the roman empire back in 160 a. In the movie gladiator the decisions were made mostly by the emperor.

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Jeannie hardy pho 184b professor smith september 7, 2102 chapter 1 essay the film gladiator is not only known for russell crowes academy award winning performance, but it is also known for its camerawork and cinematography.

Film analysis of gladiator the film gladiator, directed by ridley scott, made its debut on may 5, 2000. Gladiator left its audience with both the highest praise and harshest rebuke.

Ridley scotts persuasion that romans are not invaders in film gladiator gladiator is a tale of betrayal, bravery and survival. Gladiator (2000) is the critically acclaimed academy award winning actiondrama, which sets the audience expectations high, ridley scott had directed gladiator, this being his 14th film.

Ridley scotts gladiator is the critically acclaimed 2000 film starring russell crowe which won forty-eight awards, including a bafta for best film. Gladiator depicts the tale of maximus decimus meridius and his struggle against the might of the roman empire and the vicious gladiatorial arenas.

Gladiator, though not the most intellectually stimulating film of this decade, was deeper and more complex than one might gather from it at first glance. Its theme was not a simple good-guy versus bad-guy one as one might gather from the title.

Gladiator is not only a good sports movie, but it is an all around good movie. Before we can call an all around movie a good movie, we must first define what a good movie is. A good movie can be defined as a movie that has many exceptional movie elements.

The gladiator is a story of a soldier from rome who became a slave. He is trained as a gladiator and escalated to challenge the empire.

Friends, washingtonians, countrymen, i come not to praise gladiator but to bury it.