Font size for essay

July 8, 2019
font size for essay

The top and bottom default margins on microsoft word are 1 inch the left and right are 1. This font, the default setting on my word processor, is 12-point times new roman. Do not use 14-point, 16-point, 20-point, or larger, do not use i 0-point, or smaller fonts.

  the best font for a college essay is times new romans, font 12 the font you use when writing academic papers should have two main properties it should be readable and it should have clearly contrasting italics.

13 if you send in the common app electronically it will download your essay into a text box and all of your fomatting, font selection, spacing, etc. 15 i talked to a stanford rep and got the impression that spacing doesnt matter, so long as its legible.

To make your essay appear longer, try increasing the font size to 12. See which adjustment makes the biggest difference without being too noticeable.

Compare the following paragraphs, both set at 12 point but in different fonts for body text in academic papers, type sizes below 10 point are usually too small to read easily, while type sizes above 12 point tend to look oversized and bulky.

5 space all of the essay paragraphs including long quotations (more than 40 words) which should have no quotation marks, be indented 1. 3 cm to the right, and have the same spacing as the rest of the essay paragraphs.

Use a standard font such as times new roman or arial in black. The font size should be between 10 and 12 point, and within that range, i recommend 12pt. These fonts are easy to read for most people and meet the professionalacademic standards expected in a college-level essay.