Drinking age lowered to 18 essay

July 8, 2019
drinking age lowered to 18 essay

The drinking age should be lowered to 18 because you can vote at eighteen, buy tobacco, itll reduce the thrill of breaking the law, evidence supports that early introduction of drinking is the safest way to reduce juvenile alcohol abuse, and college people that are not 21 drink also.

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Choose responsibility, a group founded by john mccardell, proposes that upon completion of a 40 hour course to educate young people about alcohol, 18, 19, and 20 year old people should be licensed to drink.

Essay the legal drinking age should be 18 the legal drinking age is 21 in the united states of america. The majority of teens have at least had one alcoholic beverage in their life.

Lowering the united states drinking age to 18 essay 819 words 4 pages lowering the united states drinking age to 18 in the 1980s it was legal for eighteen-year-olds to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.

In the early 70s when baby boomers were dealing with the vietnam war there was pressure to lower the drinking age, so many states (29 of them) lowered the lda to either 18 or 19. The big argument was that if one could die in combat why couldnt he have a drink.

However, the majority of nations have a minimum legal drinking age of 18. Internationally, the average age at which drinking alcohol first occurs is 12 years and about 80 of young people begin drinking alcoholic beverages regularly at age 15 or younger, according to the world health organization (minimum, 2013).

Since the national minimum drinking age passed the number of duis for those in the18-21 age bracket has increased 53 1 of fatal duis are caused by drivers 18-21. Once a person enters the 21-24 age bracket they are 18 1 less likely to be in a fatal dui.

This has led to different countries having a minimum legal drinking age (mlda). However, mlda differs for example, the united states has it at 21 years, denmark with no rule only for purchase of alcohol at 16 years.